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We have access to a huge inventory of homes in many markets around the country. Whether you are an investor looking for that special deal, are a handyman looking for a great deal on a fixer-upper, or are ready to buy a home but have poor credit, chances are we can help.

Have Money, But Do Not Qualify for Mortgage

Do you have a good job and stable income and money for down payment, yet have been turned down repeatedly for a traditional mortgage? You are not alone. Millions of people are struggling to come out of this economy with bruised or less than perfect credit. Most banks will not touch you unless you have a perfect credit score. This is ironic, because it was the banks who were the primary reason for the initial real estate meltdown by issuing irresponsible loans. And now, these same banks will not give you a second look. Here are some of the guidelines that will show you how long you generally have to wait before you qualify for a traditional mortgage. However, with some of our programs, we can get you into a house of your dreams in weeks.

We have special programs for folks who are looking to purchase a home from $150,000 to $2,000,000. If you can meet these few criteria, you can possibly qualify for one of our Executive Lease Purchase program:

  • Have a stable income source
  • Have at least 10% down payment
  • Have a pulse!

Eben if you have had a foreclosure, short-sale, or bankruptcy, chances are we can qualify you for one of these programs.

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Foreign Nationals

It should as no surprise that many foreign buyers are snapping up properties in states like Florida, New York, California, Arizona and many other states. Whether you are in the US on a temporary visa, or are an investor, or simply looking for a second home, most banks will not approve a mortgage for a foreign nationals. We have programs and lenders that specialize in lending to you.

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