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Whatever your reason to sell your home, whether it is due to damage such as water damage, foundation and roof issues, whether you inherited a home, are facing foreclosure, facing a divorce, or even have a rental you want out, we can help you.

The normal process of selling a home takes a long time, and in addition, you have to get the house fixed up, cleaned, and then waste time and resource in showings and opening your home to strangers. In some cases, houses can take many months to sell, and when you need to sell quickly, this starts hurting. This is where we come in. We can usually make a cash offer on your home fast and can close very quickly.

We can do this, because in some cases, we buy your home and fix it up ourselves, saving you the trouble, or in some cases, we have investors, or other buyers who we can market your home to. Best of all, you don’t need a Realtor. let’s face it. Realtors make a commission when they sell your home, so it is not surprising that they price it high in some cases. Also, many Realtors are very picky and will only take on a house that is in perfect condition; or ask you to make tens of thousands in repair and upgrades. All this can easily take many months – months that you may not have.

We also specialize in non-traditional real estate transactions like Executive Lease Purchase programs. If you have tried to sell through a Realtor, or balked at high commissions that eat into your bottom line, don’t worry. Call us today. We have programs that can get you your asking price with reasonable terms and with little to no money out of your pocket. In fact, in many cases, you can make more than what your asking price is. Sounds Crazy? Ask us!

It is easy to get started. Just fill out the form on your right and get started. Once we get your request, we will call you for more details, and very soon, you will have an offer in your hands.


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